The Casting Motion to Mobilize Stiffness

(CMMS) Technique 

Online Course

Created By Robyn Midgley

BSc (Hons) OT, AHT (BAHT), ECHT (EFSHT) European Certified & British Accredited

Hand and Upper Extremity Therapist


Supported by Judy Colditz, OT/R, CHT, FAOTA.

Every hand injured patient is at risk of developing a stiff hand.

Robyn Midgley is the authority on the stiff hand.

Hand Therapists with specialist skills in managing the stiff hand are in high demand. Learn this skill to achieve excellent results for your patients while moving your career forward. The new post graduate qualification in managing the stiff hand through the CMMS technique will enhance your skill set through a challenging blend of theoretical and practical learning on an innovative learning platform.

Would you like to learn the number one technique

for treating the stiff hand?

Introducing the CMMS Online Course...

The CMMS ONLINE COURSE has been designed to assist your learning through a dynamic learning platform that can be used across devices. Your unique log in will activate your account, track your progress, allow to download information, upload your assessment video's and download your qualification certificate once you have met the assessment criteria. You can go through the material in your own time and have 3 months to complete your assessment.


This dynamic online course consists of 45 lessons and over 24 hours of learning that will *qualify you to heal the stiff hand using the Casting Motion to Mobilize Stiffness Technique that was developed by Judy Colditz, OT/L, CHT, FAOTA.

  • * Post Graduate online course for Occupational and Physiotherapists specialized in Hand Therapy.
  • * Qualifies you to successfully treat the stiff hand using the CMMS Technique.
  • Provides theoretical and practical knowledge on how to treat the stiff hand.
  • Opportunity to grow your business -

    Increasing time available to treat other patients, increased revenue as you are able to offer this specialist skill to patients, grow your reputation, ensure you can return your patients to function.

  • Opportunity to contribute to the body of literature by publishing patient results.
  • Access to coaching webinars.




    *The Australian Hand Therapy Association advises prospective participants of this course that this course will not provide a recognised qualification or recognised post graduate qualification in Australia. This applies to all Australian participants.

    For further information you may contact the Australian Hand Therapy Association via email


Access to Robyn Midgley for three private consultation and strategy sessions with you and your patient upon sign-up!

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Our Amazing Benefits

40 Instructional lessons

in order to gain a sound clinical understanding of the stiff hand.

5 Instructional Videos

demonstrating how to apply the different casts to the patients.


24 Hour Access

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Option to replay instructional video's and lessons


Includes questionnaires, discussions, Q & A's and a final examination

Colleague Testimonials​

I am Catherine McAlinden and I graduated as an occupational therapist from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2013. Since graduating I have worked in several physical rehab practices with the want to specialise in hand therapy. This year I am currently completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Hand therapy at the University of Pretoria.

 In January 2019, I contacted Robyn Midgley as she is a well-known and recognised therapist in the field and knew that she would be a great asset to aid me in gaining skills and experience which I require.  Robyn was kind enough in allowing me to shadow her at her practice in Bryanston, showing me a numerous techniques from assessment and treatment of variety hand conditions which are skills I currently use in my day to day practice. During this process Robyn really showed me her enthusiasm to teaching others as well as her dedication to her patients in order to achieve the best results.

As I considered myself fairly new to the field of hand therapy, some conditions which I am faced with can still be daunting and challenging to me. Once of the more challenging conditions is wrist pain. When a patient self refers themselves due to a painful wrist, the list of possible causes for the pain may be endless, however, due to the training which Robyn has provided me with, I am feel more confident in the assessment and treatment of these condition.
Robyn has also taught me to also use more dynamic and holistic methods of treatment in a variety of conditions and taking full advantage of the space which you have available to you. A good example of this is seem in patients who present with nerve compression injuries such as carpal tunnel. Treatment of these patients not only includes your traditional plinth/ table based techniques, it also includes getting the patient on a mat with a therapy ball and affecting the neural tissue in the entire body from head to toe. Patients have reported improvement in symptoms but also found the therapy technique enjoyable and exciting.

I am grateful for the learning opportunity which Robyn has provided me with and look forward to continuing to build a repertoire of success stories with my own patients. 


Catherine McAlinden

Robyn and I worked together for ten years, and more recently last year when she joined us in a large, busy London teaching hospital where she treated many adults with stiff hands using CMMS technique, including training many hand therapists.  She has continued to build on successful outcomes using this technique, helping many, following injury, enabling their return to fulfilling and productive lives.


Liz Maclennan

My name is Sanchia Ferreira and I am a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. I worked with Robyn Midgely in both her hands therapy practice and her Pilates studio in 2017. Being a young therapist I am always interested in improving my skills and knowledge in all fields that are related to the body and rehabilitation- especially in a specialized field such as hand therapy. With Robyn being a renowned Hands therapist who worked both in the UK and South Africa, I was delighted when she offered me the opportunity to learn more about the intricate art of hand therapy. Not only was Robyn willing to lend her time and expertise to me about therapy and the technology that can be used to supplement it, she was also willing to invest time in teaching me about running a successful private practice. Because our fields are based on correct and accurate diagnosis, and therefore treatment of the problem and not the symptoms, Robyn was able to supplement my assessment and treatment skills with standardized testing. I spent many hours learning alongside Robyn and had the honour of being able to work alongside her using the new skills I had learned. Robyn was an incredible mentor in both work and in life. She was patient and taught me about anatomy, the use of modalities and the use of new technology to accurately assess and treat different hand conditions. She taught me about time management and the importance of maintaining and keeping up administrative skills. She allowed me to meet doctors which she worked with in order to make accurate and good referrals suited for each individual.


Sanchia Ferreira

Patient Testimonials

Having fallen running and broken my right hand 2 years ago and then repeated the entire event again two weeks ago damaging my left hand, the staff at Sandton Clinic Casualty were a little shocked when I refused meeting with an orthopaedic surgeon saying only one person would treat my hand and that was Robyn Midgley. Robyn is empathetic, passionate in what she does and actively involved and providing to the latest research. She works closely with all the top hand surgeons making sure her patients receive the right treatment. Her non-invasive conservative procedures provide excellent results


Alison Stroobach

In February 2011, I had to have an operation to repair the pinky knuckle on my left hand. The operation was a success and I was instructed by my doctor to attend physiotherapy sessions to improve the movement in my hand. Plates had been inserted and it was extremely important that I attempt to regain full range of motion. After three months of weekly physiotherapy, I was instructed that there was not much more they could do and that 60% was the best result I could achieve.
At the end of November 2011, the plates were removed and the doctor was shocked at how stiff my pinky and ring finger were. I had very little movement. He instructed me to go see a physiotherapist urgently and that I would need daily sessions to regain some range of motion. I am left handed and was really worried that I would never be able to write properly or play sport again. After the lack of results from physiotherapy, I decided to look elsewhere.
I contacted Robyn and set up an appointment for the same day. She asked if she could perform a CMMS procedure on my hand and told me that she was confident that it would be successful. It is now 2 months later and I have regained the FULL range of motion in my left hand. I only had to see Robyn three times to evaluate my improvement and make adjustments to my cast. Words can’t explain how happy I am with the results. In three sessions, Robyn was able to achieve something a physiotherapist couldn’t do in over fifteen sessions.
I strongly recommend that if you have any problems involving your hands, that you contact Robyn and make an appointment. It has given me back the full use of my hand and what she did for me will never be forgotten.


Matthew Speedie

Robyn is amazing! My 15 year old daughter suffered severe lacerations to her wrist from a glass door. Once the stitches were removed, I took her to Robyn for therapy. After two minutes of evaluating her, she picked up that there was a major problem with the nerve (despite being hospitalised and treated in a private hospital and being given the all-clear by the surgeon).
Within half an hour, she had arranged for us to see a hand surgeon and the operation took place the next day. During the surgery, Robyn’s diagnosis was spot on, as there was in fact, unrepaired nerve and tendon damage which untreated, would have been a disaster.
We are immensely grateful for her swift diagnosis, the gifted surgeon, as well as the professional, kind and world class therapy post-op. We have a fully functioning wrist and hand, and are eternally grateful to Robyn – I would not hesitate to recommend this professional and wonderful therapist to anyone.


Linda Sutton

Following surgery, I picked up septicaemia in my hand. I went in for another two operations and afterwards lost the use of my hand due to the loss of tendons in four of my fingers. I went to Hand Therapy Consulting and Robyn was able to help me with the recovery of the wounds on my hand and get back the movement of my fingers. I am a self-employed electrical contractor, so it was very important to me that I recover quickly.
Robyn was very patient and professional in the treatment process. Her practice is well equipped and her extensive knowledge of hand injuries and how to improve them is very good. The wound has now healed completely and my hand is getting better by the day.


Christo McAlpine (Hand infection following surgery)

For an extremely active person, having no use of my dominant hand and upper body was like a death sentence. Robyn was passionate and amongst all things, enthusiastic about partnering with me to ensure that I healed quickly and powerfully.
Robyn was an incredible support system on my road to recovery, she is extremely knowledgeable and I felt at all times that I was in competent hands. Together we set a demanding and potentially over-reaching goal to get to Ironman South Africa, only four months after my accident. The deadline was set and not only did we get there but we also won my age group as the first South African over the line. I say ‘we’ because, if it was not for Robyn, there would have been no Ironman South Africa and I definitely wouldn't have been able to set the next goal which is to represent at Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
I would recommend Robyn to anyone and everyone!! And most of all I trust her completely to ‘fix’ me.


Annah, professional athlete (injury: shattered wrist and collarbone)

Robyn has been amazing throughout this experience. She has been so professional and kind. Her exercises and techniques have helped bring my finger back to its almost normal function. Just have to keep practicing my exercises.


Bronwen Agostinetto

In 2016 I had a mallet finger injury. I wore a brace on my finger for 3 months, when I took the brace off my finger was straight but could not bend at all and was very painful. After many sessions of therapy the finger still did not bend and was very difficult to use it at all in fact it felt like it didn't belong to my hand. I had cortisone injections into the finger but still no relief so I got disheartened and stopped going to therapy. A couple of months later I went to Robyn Midgley for a second opinion. Robyn told me she uses a casting technique to regain motion of the joint. I'm not sure for what reason but your finger just wants to move and bend even though painful and very awkward at times I've been wearing the cast now for six weeks and the finger has become stronger more flexible, even the tip can bend.The stiffness is still there but hopefully it will improve and my finger can go back to normal.Robyn is fantastic I went to her with a mallet finger injury then I developed a frozen shoulder and a pain syndrome she helped me through the whole process to get a correct diagnosis and treatment she is the most caring wonderful person and she has now motivated me to quit sugar as I was a sugar addict Robyn has helped me to change my life


Natalie Werth

I recently had a plate removed from my right wrist. It had been in place for ten years following a horse riding accident and had started creating intense pain. 
I was very impressed with the team work of Robyn Midgley and Dr Chetan Patel, something that is truly unique where expert surgery is combined with intensive and attentive physiotherapy. My wrist is healing smoothly.
I would also like to commend Dr Morgan (anaesthetist) and Dr Ford (orthopaedic surgeon) who assisted in the surgery.


Julia Kupka

Both Dr Chetan (plastic surgeon) and Dr Morgan (anaesthetist) performed a sterling service. They were attentive and answered all my questions and took really good care of me.


hot water burn injury, due to a pot of boiling water tipping over on the stove.

There is more to treatment than the mechanics. Robyn is one of those rare practitioners one comes across only occasionally who makes one feel safe. Safe in the knowledge that she is a brilliant therapist but also kind, empathetic and encouraging. I have indeed been fortunate to have her direct my care'.


Geraldine Finney

I was in a car accident which crushed and degloved my left hand. After numerous surgeries, I had no movement in the hand and was subsequently referred by my plastic surgeon to Robyn because of her experience in severe injuries.
I was very impressed with Robyn’s unique and personal approach to hand therapy as it was very effective and not time consuming at all. I live in Rustenburg where I am self-employed as an electrical contractor, and needed to be at work while recovering.
Robyn is very experienced and cares about her patients’ recovery. Every time she designs a new cast to regain movement in different sections of my hand, it is very effective.
I have been in Robyn’s care for four months and, where I started off not being able to move a finger, I have now regained 50% movement in my hand. Robyn was also able to provide me with a very professional report for my disability claim and even the insurance company was very impressed with it.

After 4 years of using the CMMS technique, my fingers are still moving without any joint stiffness


Bryce Britz

I was referred by Professor Biddulph to Hand Therapy Consulting after severely injuring my right hand. Going to Robyn was the best thing that happened to me. She treated my wound when I couldn’t even look at it and made splints to recover movement.
Robyn got me through a very difficult time. Thanks to her, my hand is almost perfect and is getting better every day. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.


Linda Dorrestein (Traumatic crush and degloving injury to right hand)

I underwent a joint replacement operation on my right hand in which four of my knuckles had to be replaced as a result of deformity from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The professor who performed the operation recommended me to Hand Therapy Consulting and I had my first session three days after the operation.
Robyn treated the initial swelling that I was experiencing and after each session, the pain was eased somewhat. She also built contraptions for me to wear in an attempt to straighten the hand. Robyn is not afraid to try new things in order to get a positive result and eventually, she had to design a plaster cast for me to wear.
The result of eight months of treatment is that my hand is straighter than it was, I have the full use of three of my fingers and we are currently working on the index finger.
Robyn is professional and empathetic in her approach and she definitely knows what she’s doing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs hand therapy as she is extensively specialised in this field. I believe that a normal physiotherapist would not have had the in-depth knowledge or understanding to work on something this complicated.


Margerie Wilson (Rheumatoid arthritis / Joint replacement)

I came here with an expectation and now I am leaving with a very good result because my hand is completely different    


Henry Derx

I was quite concerned when I broke my ring finger. It was quite an Awkward fracture and it's my strong hand. I couldn't even brush my hair! I do a lot of sport which made me worry if I'd ever be able to make a fist, play golf or hold a squash racket again.
Surgery and a pin was also a major concern I had. After seeing Dr Marrin he referred me to Robyn and hand consultant SA. Robyn was amazing, positive and professional. After the first session my worries and concerns were no more.
Robyn assured me I would regain full movement in my finger and yay, no surgery!
The facilities were clean and modern. I saw Robyn weekly for 5/6 weeks and now I'm happy to say my finger is at 100%.
Thank you Robyn and hand consult SA for everything. 


Nicholas Biltcliffe

I injured my hand, had surgery, went for physio therapy and there was no hope for my hand and recommendation was to be boreded. My hand transformed into a claw and I was unable to do anything as I'm right handed. I could barely hold my toothbrush, everything fell through my hand and I was constantly with swollen fingers and pain. I was referred to Robyn Midgley, from the very first meeting, she was professional and very friendly, most of all, she gave me hope. She put me in my first cast, the swelling went down immediately and the pain was almost gone. I'm on my second cast and making so much progress and able to do so much for myself. My journey continues but I'm positive that my hand will return to normal. Thank you Robyn for your patience and continuous motivation.


Shanaaz Williams

Dear Robyn I just want to say a huge thank you for all your efforts with my hand over the last few months. it really means a lot when someone has the personal touch and genuinely seems to care about their patients condition and the huge impact it has on their lives. It inspires trust and respect and I am very glad that I ended up with you as my occupational therapist 


Alex Charter

My mom and I just want to thank you so much for everything you have done for her and for always being so friendly with a gentle and understanding personality


Ruth & Michele

It was scary for us when Ema broke her pinky finger on her right hand during basketball at school. We were so worried she wouldn't get full use of her finger again especially since she is a guitarist and budding musician. Robyn has completely turned things around in only 2 weeks. It was amazing to watch and the detail behind all the therapy was just so impressive. 5 star treatment and the most friendly and encouraging approach made it just perfect for Ema. Thank you Robyn " 


Melanie Leloup

I was shot in my left hand in an attempted hijacking which resulted in my thumb being blown off at the joint. Following surgery, I had to learn to use my hand again as I had lost all movement and fine motor function. My surgeon recommended Robyn and after seven months, I was able to regain movement in the hand and can now use it properly again.

Robyn is very positive and friendly, and offered great encouragement and support to me during this time. She is very skilled in her field, is good with people and has a beautiful setup with all the tools needed – because of this, I always felt confident that she would help me get better.


Zina Rotherham (Gunshot wound to left thumb)

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The CMMS ONLINE COURSE By Robyn Midgley has been designed to assist your learning through a dynamic online platform that can be used across devices. Your unique log in will activate your account, track your progress, allow you to download information, upload your assessment videos, and download your qualification certificate, once you have met the assessment criteria. You can go through the material in your own time and have 3 months to complete your assessment.


This dynamic online course consists of 45 lessons and over 24 hours of learning that will * qualify you to heal the stiff hand using the Casting Motion to Mobilize Stiffness Technique, developed by Judy Colditz, OT/L, CHT, FAOTA.



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